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Jan 5 2023
winter plummage
Jan 6 2023
Jun 24 2020
adult, outside normal range
Brockville - I made several trips to check out this bird but with no sighting on Tuesday I was sure it had finally departed. Then I received a call yesterday afternoon that the bird was still there and had sought shelter out of the wind closer to shore. Conditions were very challenging, shooting through narrow openings in blowing cattails while standing in rubber boots in marsh mud, trying to maintain my balance. I had great luck in very nice light.
Jun 25 2020
Jun 19 2020
adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Brockville - There had been several reports of pelicans along the St. Lawrence River between the Quebec border and the 1000 Islands in recent weeks but most were one-day wonders. This bird stuck it out for over a week north of Brockville in a conservation area.
Jun 20 2020
Jan 7 2020
winter plummage
Robinson Preserve - Manatee County - Bradenton Fl.
Jan 8 2020
May 8 2019
adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Ingleside - I have fond memories of our rare visitors.
Jul 23 2019
May 14 2019
I've always found it interesting that such a large bird, with one of the largest wingspans in North America is successfully breeding across a wide range of interior North America. At Market Lake, Idaho.
Jun 5 2019
May 9 2019
adult, outside normal range
Ingleside - Maybe this should be entered as a pterodactyl cousin because that head and bill in breeding plumage sure suggests it. The birds returned to the same area today. I wanted to post again because this was such an unusual look.
May 10 2019
adult, outside normal range
Ingleside - A flock of six dropped in to the St. Lawrence for 90 minutes before annoying Mute Swans eventually drove them out. One or two swans made several passes at the flock while they were feeding before they took off for good.
May 8 2019
Jun 9 2018
Not the best shot, but a photo for the records. No matter which direction you looked, the area near Lake Newell Alberta just kept on producing different bird species that morning.
Jun 15 2018
Jun 30 2017
Frank Lake, High River Alberta
These birds are massive!
Oct 22 2017