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summer plummage
Taken in Vitoria, Brazil
Mar 21 2020
Mar 23 2015
Las Antioa's de Paracas, Pisco Province.
Feb 18 2016
Mar 23 2015
Las Antia's de Paracas. Pisco Province.
Jan 6 2016
Mar 23 2015
Las Antia's de Paracas, Pisco Province,Peru.
Apr 20 2015
Nov 21 2011
At the beginning I was puzzled by the behaviour of this owl, but then I realized that it was just trying to scare me away, since its nest burrow was right there! The result though was more funny than scary! But of course I let it alone after taking a couple of shots!
Jul 4 2014
Nov 21 2011
A very serious-looking Burrowing Owl was checking out my movements and making sure I don't approach its nest!
Jul 4 2014
Mar 26 2014
Apr 9 2014
Jun 3 2011
Saratoga Park, Cape Coral Florida
This town is famous for Burrowing Owls with many public locations having wild owls (such as this one). A fortunate exchange of a map of owl locations for mosquito repellant with a fellow photographer at Ding Darling allowed me to finally add this bird to my life list.
Jun 4 2011
Apr 25 2011
Cape Coral, Florida
Jun 4 2011
Mar 27 2008
Burrowing Owls,
March 27,2008
Palma Sola,
Jul 14 2008