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Sep 28 2015
Essen, Germany.
Oct 22 2015
Apr 17 2008
After having posted the Madeiran and the North African subspecies, finally a photo of the nominate race of the Chaffinch, one of the most common breeding birds of European forests!
Jul 14 2014
May 15 2008
The African subspecies of the Chaffinch (africana) has a completely blue-gray head. Sometimes it is treated as a separate species.
Jul 14 2014
May 30 2012
The Chaffinch also has an endemic subspecies (madeirensis) on Madeira. The males have a full blue-gray back and very pale pinkish underparts. These bird was expecting to get fed!
Jul 1 2014
Halsall Lane, Ormskirk, Lancashire
Jun 17 2013
Signing at Zepplinheim, Frankfurt, Germany
Apr 5 2010
Jul 28 2008
Chaffinch in pines on the island of Brac. July 28, 2008
Aug 2 2008