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May 20 2020
Crysler - A weak song best heard on a calm day.
May 21 2020
Jun 24 2019
Burnt Lands Provincial Park
Jun 25 2019
Jun 18 2018
Glenmore Weaselhead Reserve, Calgary
Jun 19 2018
Jun 10 2018
Chesterville - It must be sparrow time and coincidentally I had one yesterday. They are uncommon in our region with only a few locations to check. Most seem to prefer plantations of short evergreens, up to about four metres high. This one was in a previously unknown location.
Jun 11 2018
Jun 9 2018
Seen in the early morning east of Brooks, Alberta. He was singing away.
Jun 11 2018
Jun 29 2017
summer plummage
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary

I fought with the ID on this bird between Brewer's and Clay-colored. I think it's the latter.
Oct 22 2017
Jul 24 2016
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary AB
Sep 28 2016
Crysler - Reveler Conservation Area
Jun 15 2016
Jan 1 1970
Not a great shot, but nevertheless you don't see a Clay-colored Sparrow everyday - at least I don't. One for the memory book more than the aesthetics. Taken at Long Point, Ontario at the Sparrow fields.
May 13 2015
Jun 30 2014
Glenmore Weaselhead Reserve, Calgary AB
Aug 19 2014