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Oct 13 2023
Have been away for some time, and just starting to catch up. I have to admit, coming across this bird not knowing what it was at the time, was an interesting experience. Northeast of Saigon by about 2 hours.
Nov 5
Oct 31 2023
Nov 2
Jul 17 2019
A confiding bird in the Tabin Reserve
Jan 23 2020
Feb 26 2016
Kaeng Krachen National Park
Mar 24 2016
Feb 18 2015
adult, winter plummage
Crested Serpent Eagle is the largest raptor in Taiwan. This big bird is easily seen soaring in open country during mid morning in a sunny day. There are several eagles living near my resident, so I could photo them when they perch on the pole or tree top. This bird is not a good flyer and I saw other smaller bird harasses this gigantic raptor during the flight. Despite its name, I saw this bird hunting the snails along the river bank just outside my window.
Dec 7 2015