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Mar 3 2016
male, adult
This same Eurasian Blackbird also found in China and many part of Asia. I found this bird on the grass in the Hongchou's wetland conservation area. It must be another subspecies. Unlike the European one with bright color, this one look dull. Without hearing it sound (it is dead winter on March in Asia this year!), I can not say about its voice. The same species, perhaps 10K kms apart, illustrate this well adapted species.
Mar 12 2016
Jun 4 2015
adult, summer plummage
I took a trip on Balkan countries and had recorded several species. This is the most impressive for its sounds, loud but pleasant. It is a rather big compared with other thrushes. It is bright black with gold eye-ring and beaks. It presence everywhere in Balkan area with its loud voice during the summer.
Mar 12 2016
Sep 23 2015
Taken in Essen.
Oct 3 2015
Shot taken in Central Park, Suzhou (SIP) China
Apr 21 2015
May 28 2012
male, adult
It was unusual to me to see a Blackbird (here the island ssp. cabrerae) eating a lizard. I guess that's especially because these lizards (Madeiran Wall Lizard, Lacerta madeirensis) are so common on the island!
Jul 1 2014
Jun 17 2013
one of a flock of juveniles at St Cuthbert Cemetery, Halsall, Lancashire
Oct 9 2013
May 1 2010
Someone was foraging in the dirt....
Taken in downtown Frankfurt, Germany.
May 6 2010
Jul 16 2005
In the front yard of the Whitefield's at Peebles, Scotland.
Nov 27 2009