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May 10 2011
Aug 28 2023
Unidentified (41)
Mar 28 2015
Sep 23 2022
Dec 5 2015
A non breeding Palarctic migrant to our eastern shores
Oct 25 2020
Aug 5 2015
A real rarity here- just 2 0r 3 records todate
Sep 4 2020
Mar 3 2016
male, adult
This same Eurasian Blackbird also found in China and many part of Asia. I found this bird on the grass in the Hongchou's wetland conservation area. It must be another subspecies. Unlike the European one with bright color, this one look dull. Without hearing it sound (it is dead winter on March in Asia this year!), I can not say about its voice. The same species, perhaps 10K kms apart, illustrate this well adapted species.
Mar 12 2016
Mar 3 2016
I took this photo at the West Lake Park in Hongchou, China, the most popular tourist spot in China. It is a big surprise to me that red-billed magpie (Urocissa erythrorhyncha) because this is almost the same look as the Formosan BLue Magpie, except the belly is white instead of blue in the later species. In Taiwan, there were cases of interbreeding of these 2 species, thus a threat to the later species (Urocissa caerulea).
Mar 12 2016
Mar 5 2016
In the middle of metropolitan shanghai, I took this very late of the day and from a great distance I knew this is a different magpie and turned out to be the Azure-winged Magpie. This species distributed either in the southwest corner of Europe and China: what a strange distribution. This bird should have blue back and head and white underside. I took at front view, so nothing to show it pretty light blue feathers.
Mar 12 2016