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Sep 10 2018
Jul 6 2022
Sep 26 2012
Common to abundant non breeding Palearctic migrant. Young birds often overwinter
Feb 22 2020
Jan 4 2013
White Storks are a common sight in Morocco, especially in the Middle Atlas region, where they seem to like putting their nests on the top of buildings in major towns. This one was found in Fèz.
Jul 1 2014
Jun 29 2013
near Burzenin, Poland. Although not the main purpose of the visit, I had been hoping to get a photo of a European Stork. A drive along bone-rattling back roads brought teasing glimpses of storks in flight, but always in places not accessible. We gave up the chase and were heading off when a bend in the road presented this sight. The crop doesn't do justice to the nest which is at least 10 ft in diameter, set on a platform about 25 ft above the ground in a farmer's field (built by local residents).
Oct 28 2013
Jun 25 2013
marshland near Burzenin, Poland. Photo taken with a pocket camera.
Sep 30 2013
near Burzenin, Poland
Jun 29 2013