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Dec 27 2023
While stopped in the car, this Loggerhead Shrike popped up on the fence for a short time out of a field. Near La Joya, Texas on "Sparrow Road"
Jan 10
May 13 2020
A rare sight for us in the East. This is a provincially endangered species.
May 14 2020
Apr 9 2018
Napanee - at a distance. This is a provincially endangered species. It was back on a known breeding territory.
Apr 11 2018
Jul 20 2016
Napanee Plain Alvar - I failed a couple of weeks ago to get anywhere near these rare breeders. Today there were about 5-6, probably a single family and two birds were about 150 feet away, much too far to shoot. Then one came in closer and eventually landed beside the road near my car. It was almost too close to shoot and the upper angle was very awkward for an inside shot but I managed to do it. This is a very rare breeder in Ontario.
Jul 21 2016
Jan 17 2014
Photo #5 of the Loggerhead Shrike, a bird we now rarely see up north in Quebec province anymore. Seen at Tequesta, Florida, USA.
Jan 22 2014
Feb 19 2012
Shot while bracing against gale force winds - Merritt Island, Florida
Feb 20 2012
Dec 30 2011
Adult Shrike just after catching breakfast at Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Florida.
Jan 2 2012
Mar 28 2008
South of Willcox, Az
March 28, 2008
Had to use the doubler to get this image, so not as sharp as I would like.
Nov 3 2008