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Aug 11 2022
Ottawa - This is migration time for shorebirds and a very small number of phalaropes have been reported. This species is very tolerant of people and if you remain still and wait for the bird to approach, it may come very close. This very young bird passed by at 3 metres. There is almost no crop for this shot.
Aug 12
Sep 9 2020
Preswu'ile Provincial Park.
Dec 26 2020
Sep 9 2020
Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
Sep 15 2020
Sep 8 2019
adult, molting
Sep 11 2019
May 27 2018
female, adult
Embrun - it was a shorebird day and this was the star.
May 28 2018
May 28 2017
female, adult, summer plummage
Embrun - rare in spring
May 29 2017
Jul 17 2007
Red-necked Phalaropes are quite common in Iceland. Around the end of July they all gather to a couple of ponds in the West where they molt, before embarking on the migration that will take them as far as the Pacific coast of Peru!
Jul 15 2014
Jul 6 2014
This bird came within 5 feet of me and seemed completely fine with my presence. Seen outside Reykjavik, Iceland last weekend.
Jul 11 2014
Jun 8 2014
male, adult
Ottawa - when I was going through the rest of my images tonight I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon this photo. The water droplet had just fallen from the bird's beak and is reflected in the water below. The water was calm and the sky was colourless so the only hint of water at all is the bird's reflection
Jun 10 2014
Jun 8 2014
male, adult
Ottawa - I managed to find the phalarope that has been a local regular in a small wet area of a field. The bird was very cooperative and permitted long views. There is plenty of food for it.
Jun 9 2014