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Sep 17 2023
immature, outside normal range
Aylmer - A rare flight of spoonbills brought birds to Ontario and Quebec. Ontario's first was in a conservation area being enjoyed by numerous birders, photographers and locals out for a walk. This was a real treat for us all. Most of the time it was at a distance but once it came within range.
Sep 18
Osprey florida, Sarasota county
Dec 11 2015
Sarasota Osprey, Florida
Nov 26 2015
Shot taken in Delray Beach Fl
Dec 3 2014
Feb 24 2012
Black Point Trail, Merritt Island NWR, Florida
Mar 15 2012
Feb 24 2012
Having not seen a Spoonbill all week, we were sure that luck was not with us. On our last day of shooting this Spoonbill showed up in the marshes along the trail and put on a show whipping its bill back and forth through the water. Black Point Trail, Merritt Island NWR, Florida.
Mar 6 2012
Jan 19 2010
St. Augustine, Florida
Mar 5 2011
Jan 15 2010
Roseate Spoonbill
St. Augustine, Florida
Mar 15 2010