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May 8 2023
molting, outside normal range
Point Pelee National Park - This is the most unlikely bird to ever visit the southernmost point of mainland Canada and a record for this Arctic wanderer. Hundreds of observers saw the bird within its five hour visit before it flew off towards a destination even further south, Pelee Island, 16km away. In typical ptarmigan fashion it paid no attention to its admirers, at times approaching to within a few feet of them.
May 19 2023
Mar 3 2021
Val-d'Or – I was going through some of my trip files from northern Quebec earlier this month and recall the conditions when we found the ptarmigan. It was rough, a far cry from where we are today thankfully. Discovering a flock close to the road on the second day, after hours of searching was a thrill I'll always remember.
Mar 28 2021
Mar 4 2021
winter plummage
Val-d'Or – We failed to find any the first day but got really lucky the next. This is a popular species for hunters and since regional hunters have to travel hundreds of km north in normal years, this year they are taking advantage of it close to home. That means birds close to the road are prime targets so they are slowly declining within 75 km of some towns.
Mar 5 2021
Mar 4 2021
Val-d'Or - I made a trek in search of ptarmigan, perhaps my most wanted bird. This winter there has been a major irruption in Quebec, south of their normal range. It is the largest movement in 40 years and undoubtedly involves thousands of individuals. Normally the area from Val-d'Or to north of Amos has one or two if any. Still, we had a hard time finding them but in some locations there were numerous tracks alerting us to their presence.
Mar 5 2021
Mar 24 2019
Seen at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Mar 26 2019