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Sep 20 2020
male, adult, summer plummage
The Rain quail normally looks like a Common Quail. During the rainy (which is their breeding) season, they get these distinctive stripes and spend mornings and evenings standing on small rocks, calling to females.
Apr 17
Dec 27 2020
male, adult
The Amur Falcon is an amazing (crow-sized) bird that travels roughly 22,000 km every year. Starting from the Amur river basin area of Siberia, Mongolia and China, south across the Himalayas, to NE India. Then across the breadth of India, over the Indian Ocean to end at Southern Africa - the Kruger National Park - where they stay until the season changes. They then head back the on the same route. The link (below) shows the path taken by one female that was tagged in "Puching", Manipur, India.
This bird was photographed in Western India, where they pause briefly to eat and ready themselves for the ocean crossing

Apr 12
Sep 21 2020
This Cuckoo is so named because of its "in-flight" resemblance to the Shikra (Little Banded Goshawk) which also a common sight in Sub-Urban India
Apr 11
Jan 29 2020
male, adult, winter plummage
Apr 9
Dunlin (8)
Apr 24 2021
summer plummage
At Boundary Bay, BC
Apr 29 2021