Apr 7 2016
male, adult
Ingleside - This Tom turkey in all its spring colour spent time up close and personal with me. I was shooting spring birds, sitting on a camp stool when it came charging towards me. It moved right by me at 3 feet and began to feed on a few seeds I had sprinkled on the ground. After a few minutes I tossed out some more and it continued to feed, coming very close. At one point I thought I'd see if it was brave enough to take from my hand. It hesitated but did it, twice. That was quite an experience. Remember I was sitting at its level so I watched it 'like a hawk' at all times. I didn't bother it and he didn't threaten me. He eventually walked calmly away. The tough part for me was most of the time he was too close to shoot :)
Apr 8 2016

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