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female, adult, summer plummage
Oct 3 2022
Nov 14 2017
male, adult
Long Sault - Tom and his buddies strutting their stuff.
Nov 15 2017
May 3 2016
male, adult, summer plummage
Point Pelee National Park - Displaying on the beach
May 10 2016
Apr 7 2016
male, adult
Ingleside - This Tom turkey in all its spring colour spent time up close and personal with me. I was shooting spring birds, sitting on a camp stool when it came charging towards me. It moved right by me at 3 feet and began to feed on a few seeds I had sprinkled on the ground. After a few minutes I tossed out some more and it continued to feed, coming very close. At one point I thought I'd see if it was brave enough to take from my hand. It hesitated but did it, twice. That was quite an experience. Remember I was sitting at its level so I watched it 'like a hawk' at all times. I didn't bother it and he didn't threaten me. He eventually walked calmly away. The tough part for me was most of the time he was too close to shoot :)
Apr 8 2016
Apr 7 2016
male, adult
Ingleside - I spent 45 minutes with this bird at close range.
Apr 8 2016
May 17 2014
male, adult
I was lucky to see this displaying male Wild Turkey come out into the open at Point Pelee, Ontario in May 2014.
Jul 22 2015
May 15 2015
male, adult
Point Pelee National Park - while a relatively common bird now, finding a displaying male at a good distance for photographs is still a challenge
May 18 2015
May 3 2015
male, adult
The Wild Turkeys at Point Pelee are not at all shy. This one's colours came out in the midday sun.
May 5 2015
Oct 14 2014
male, adult
Ottawa - He made it through Thanksgiving.
Oct 15 2014
Oct 4 2014
This was a lucky close encounter with some turkeys along the road!
Oct 7 2014