juvenile, outside normal range
Oshawa - The bird has been present for several days and remains in a tight area for viewing but you may be waiting for an hour or two while it makes the rounds in the cattails. I waited and it walked very close several times, once at 3 metres. I got it as soon as I arrived but after 15 minutes of on again off again viewing it disappeared and I left after an additional hour of waiting.
Nov 10 2022

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  1. There have been a few Ontario records, usually juveniles, but they are still rare. This was a life bird for many new birders and a new Ontario bird for me. I missed an adult five years ago despite two attempts. Yesterday the bird was literally seconds from being lunch for a Cooper’s Hawk. The bird had it firmly clutched in its talons and was taking off when it was startled to see an observer very close by. It dropped the bird and the observer picked it up, examined it and noting no issues, released it into the cattails. That’s as close as it gets.

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