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immature, outside normal range
Ingleside - This out of range Florida bird has been around for weeks and with leaves gone it has been easier to find. Last night we had a hard freeze which had the bird not in its usual area. You won't see many shots of this species enjoying a Canadian winter. It is very healthy at this time and can fly no problem. It is feeding on dead fish, a frog (when it was warmer) aquatic vegetation and wild grapes. Those huge feet allow it to move very easily on the ice. Attempts by others to retrieve the bird so it can overwinter in a rehabilitation facility failed today. It is still too healthy and eluded its captors.
Nov 21 2023
Mar 7 2012
A Vagrant from N & S America- we have had several records.
Aug 4 2020
Feb 22 2018
Jun 20 2019
Feb 22 2018
Soberania National Park.
Jul 10 2018
Mar 16 2015
on the road to Iberia from Puerto Maldonado.
Jul 6 2016
Mar 16 2015
On the way to Iberia City from Puerto Maldonado.
Dec 13 2015
Mar 16 2015
On the road to Iberia City from Puerto Maldonado.
Nov 13 2015
Mar 16 2015
Tahua Manu Province
Jul 4 2015
Mar 16 2015
On the road to Iberia, a small town near to the border of Brazil.
Apr 15 2015