Nov 15 2022
immature, outside normal range
Brighton - My fourth and likely the last Cattle Egret for the year. The bird was just north of Presqu'ile Provincial Park and I was passing only a few kilometres away so I stopped to check it out. This was a stellar year for these birds, with several dozen appearing in diverse locations, including Northern Ontario. The bird was finally driven out by snow.
Nov 23 2022

6 Replies to “Cattle Egret”

  1. Unlike wandering songbirds that get lost late in the season and lose the interest in migrating, often perishing when the weather turns very cold, these birds seem to be smart enough to exit before they get in trouble.

  2. I’m sure this particular bird as well as the others have left. The snow that hit various areas almost a week ago would have been the last call. I was near this particular site yesterday and there was no sign of it.

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