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Jan 9 2015
This bird continues to spread its distribution across the world
Feb 23 2020
Jun 10 2019
adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Near Kingston - Several birds have recently appeared in the province.
Jun 11 2019
Mar 30 2015
San Jorge Botanical Garden, Ibague.
Feb 6 2016
Mar 30 2015
San Jorge Botanical Garden, Ibague.
Dec 3 2015
Apr 22 2014
adult, summer plummage
This species is a common sight in Taiwan. During most of the year, this egret looks white, similar to the size and color of more common little egret. One the winter is pacing out, the color transfermation took place, appearing the bright red/brown plumage and more red in the beak.
Aug 30 2015
Jan 1 1970
adult, winter plummage
The image of a Cattle Egret was taken with a Nikon D600 and 70-200mm lens.
Apr 13 2015
Oct 12 2012
The Coto Doñana is one of the most important wetlands of southern Europe. When we got there, though, the water was almost all gone! Summers are extremely hot in southern Spain and even in October the temperatures are above 30°C, so that by the end of the summer there is no more water in the reservoirs! But some birds still linger around, as did this Cattle Egret.
Jul 1 2014
Taken in Plantation Parc, Plantation Fl, broward County.
Nov 18 2013
adult, winter plummage
Seen at the Karmali Railway Station, Old Goa, India.
Feb 24 2013