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Nov 15 2022
immature, outside normal range
Brighton - My fourth and likely the last Cattle Egret for the year. The bird was just north of Presqu'ile Provincial Park and I was passing only a few kilometres away so I stopped to check it out. This was a stellar year for these birds, with several dozen appearing in diverse locations, including Northern Ontario. The bird was finally driven out by snow.
Nov 23
Oct 28 2022
winter plummage
Merrickville - An invasion of Cattle Egrets has brought well over 100 into southern Quebec and Ontario. One Quebec location briefly had over 50 birds. This is my second sighting in October with this bird being far more photogenic than the previously shown individual. As is usually the case, the egret was hanging around farm animals, on this occasion a pair of horses, and wandered as close as 10 metres from me at times.
Nov 1
adult, winter plummage, outside normal range
Brooklin - There is still a bit of breeding colour on the head but not much. This was the second day of the bird's appearance and I was lucky to be passing close by on my way home from Southern Ontario so I had to only make a minor detour.
Oct 18
Jan 9 2015
This bird continues to spread its distribution across the world
Feb 23 2020
Jun 10 2019
adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Near Kingston - Several birds have recently appeared in the province.
Jun 11 2019
Mar 30 2015
San Jorge Botanical Garden, Ibague.
Feb 6 2016
Mar 30 2015
San Jorge Botanical Garden, Ibague.
Dec 3 2015
Apr 22 2014
adult, summer plummage
This species is a common sight in Taiwan. During most of the year, this egret looks white, similar to the size and color of more common little egret. One the winter is pacing out, the color transfermation took place, appearing the bright red/brown plumage and more red in the beak.
Aug 30 2015