Ottawa - I got lucky with timing. I arrived while it was still cloudy so the owl kept its eyes open most of the time. As soon as the sun came out they were closed.
Jan 15

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  1. Thanks Sue. This worked well because the bird was perched in the top of a snag very much like you’d see a Screech Owl. This was midday so I was very lucky to have it look alert.

  2. This experience exceeded my expectations. I knew approximately where the bird was but one never knows the shooting conditions. In this case the light was ideal and the location was excellent. The broken, hollowed out trunk it selected for its roost was less than half the height of nearby mature maples so it was a much better perspective than it could have been. The wood colours complemented the bird nicely.

  3. This was one of those situations where you have no control over anything besides when you take the picture. It all came together to exceed my expectations.

  4. A number of areas in Ontario have had good results with Barred Owls this winter but locally we have come up dry. I heard about this bird so I tried my luck and got it on the right day at the right time.

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