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Jul 31 2023
Ottawa - This is a very reliable bird. It stays in a very tight area and regularly fishes for frogs and minnows. Because of this it comes much lower in the trees than you'd otherwise see.
Aug 1 2023
Ottawa - I got lucky with timing. I arrived while it was still cloudy so the owl kept its eyes open most of the time. As soon as the sun came out they were closed.
Jan 15 2023
Dec 26 2018
Jul 6 2022
Feb 15 2021
Feb 22 2021
Apr 18 2020
Ingleside - This was a complete surprise. I was driving along a road at the edge of a cedar woods and the bird took off from a large six foot high stump before I saw it. It landed close enough for a few shots before heading off. This was in the middle of the afternoon.
Apr 19 2020
Feb 11 2019
male, adult
Ottawa - my guess at it being a male was based on size. Good number of birds this winter. There were three along this road within 2 km.
Feb 12 2019
Jan 2 2019
Williamsburg - I went looking for a Barred that a friend had told me about the day before. After some looking I spotted it enjoying some late day sun.
Jan 3 2019
Feb 12 2017
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
May 9 2017
Feb 23 2017
Cornwall - a stretch before the hunt.
Feb 24 2017
Dec 31 2015
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
Jan 24 2016