Feb 26 2024
This was a late day surprise. I didn't see two birds picking up grit on the side of a dirt road until the last second because of the low light. I stopped only about a car length away from one as it worked its way back into the bush. I had no time to check camera settings and was worried about shooting too slow so I hoped for the best. I manged three shots of several in fairly good focus.
Feb 27

7 Replies to “Ruffed Grouse”

  1. Luck was on my side. If the bird had flown it would have been game over but it decided to walk away casually, giving me 3 seconds to grab shots before it was in the brush.

  2. Wonderful photo of this hansom Grouse! Love it’s smart crest which we would not have seen had it not turned it’s head.
    Great timing and capture, of the bird’s gorgeous feathers, wow! An added point of interest, the one raised foot!

  3. I was almost shocked that it worked given the low light and the bird walking away. Thankfully it was moving slowly because I couldn’t bump the shutter speed as high as I would have liked.

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