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Sep 16 2022
summer plummage
Sep 17
Nov 15 2020
It was very very weird looking for a Blue Jay today. Even weirder to hear and see him...brought back memories of the east. Ladner, BC. Note - crest blown back due to the wind.
Nov 16 2020
May 18 2018
Long Point Bird Observatory.
Jul 23 2018
Dec 25 2017
outside normal range
Girl Guide Camp, Richmond BC
A rare bird alert came out for this jay just before Christmas. I got to see it on Christmas Day. It's mixing with Steller's Jays and quite a few other birds.
Feb 6 2018
May 18 2017
I kept watching this Blue Jay jumping around in the leaves. To my surprise,he came up with this snake.It took quite awhile for him to subdue it and much longer for him to finish it off!
Jul 26 2017
summer plummage
Oct 10 2016
male, adult, summer plummage
Oct 5 2016
May 15 2016
Long Point Bird Observatory.
Aug 24 2016
May 10 2015
Long Point Bird Observatory.
Nov 21 2015
Jan 1 1970
Oct 21 2014