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May 11 2019
Quilomene Wildlife Area near Yakima WA. Not quite sharp, but a flight shot.
May 31 2019
May 15 2019
Seen east of Dubois, Idaho while looking unsuccessfully for the Sage Grouse.
May 26 2019
May 11 2019
This poor little Sparrow probably has one of the world's drabbest bird plumages. However we certainly didn't pass him up when posing! Quilomene Wildlife Area.
May 20 2019
Jun 23 2018
Seen near White Lake west of Penticton, BC, Canada
Jun 25 2018
Jun 9 2018
The poor little Brewer's Sparrow is one of the plainest-looking songbirds in North America. Thankfully his distinctive song gave him away. Taken between Medicine Hat and Brooks, Alberta. Happy to have him be my 700th species upload!
Jun 11 2018
Mar 27 2008
March 27, 2008
Gilbert, Az
I finally identified this bird while reviewing my 2008 photos. Pretty confident it's a Brewer's.
Jan 16 2009