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Oct 30 2020
St. Isidore - I found a flock of 110 in a freshly tilled field. It is late for this species and very late for a large flock. Note the absense of black in the 'armpit' distinguishing it from the Black-bellied Plover.
Nov 3 2020
Oct 7 2020
Ingleside - Tough local bird. Easier to get on sod farms further north.
Oct 8 2020
adult, molting
Osgoode - A flock of 108 birds were in a large field
Aug 30 2019
Sep 23 2018
I was hard-pressed to make an id with no experience with this species. After reviewing multiple accounts in both field guides and online, I concluded it was a juvenile American Golden Plover for the long primaries extending beyond the tail, the pale supercilium (not yellowish), the softly barred underparts (not streaked) and general size and bill size. Despite those field marks - would be happy to have the experts chime in please!
Sep 24 2018
Sep 24 2016
juvenile, outside normal range
Boundary Bay, Delta BC
Nov 4 2016
St. Isidore - These birds came into a sewage lagoon and spent five minutes trying to find a spot to land. The water was too high so they headed off unsuccessfully.
Oct 7 2016
Oct 9 2014
winter plummage
Boundary Bay, Delta BC
Picked this out while reviewing the day's photos. Was in with large number of Black-Bellied Plovers.
Oct 20 2014
Sep 25 2014
Sandbanks Provincial Park, ON
Oct 5 2014
Jan 1 1970
outside normal range
Southwestern storms often bring North American vagrants to the coast of Iceland. This one landed by the road while I was driving and looked pretty tired, since it did not move away from me for a while. I observed it in the next days and it looked much better, sign that it was recovering from fatigue!
Jul 15 2014
Sep 19 2013
Owen's Point - just before where the land bridge would usually be to Gull Island. Presqu'Ile Provincial Park, Ontario.
Sep 20 2013