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summer plummage
Sep 18 2023
juvenile, summer plummage
Sep 17 2023
Nov 23 2018
Jul 6 2022
Nov 19 2020
male, adult
St. Rose - I have commented before that this species is our most difficult hawk to photograph because it is small and never allows us to approach close enough for a decent shot. This bird broke the rules, permitting me to get a nice view from the car without disturbing it. I am not fond of taking shots of birds on power lines but I will make an exception in this case.
Dec 4 2020
Apr 17 2020
female, adult
Morrisburg - Normally a difficult bird to shoot but this lady was very cooperative.
Apr 18 2020
Apr 10 2018
On an airport fence at Vancouver, BC.
Apr 11 2018
male, adult
Nov 21 2017
Feb 13 2017
Pitt Meadows on the road to Golden Eagle Golf course.
May 9 2017
Feb 22 2016
male, adult
Kingston - Wolfe Island I had another chance to capture this challenging species on a recent trip. Nice late day light highlights the bright colours.
Mar 1 2016
Jan 21 2016
male, adult
Kingston - Kestrels have to be one of the most difficult raptors to shoot. Their tolerance of approach is very low and since you need to get closer than with other raptors because of their small size, it makes it an even greater challenge (Sharp-shinned Hawks are fairly close in size but much easier to deal with). I moved up slowly with my car and managed to get a few shots that I cropped. Normally I quit before I even start – they are that difficult to deal with.
Jan 22 2016