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Sep 7 2022
juvenile, winter plummage
Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
Sep 15 2022
Jun 4 2020
male, adult
Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park
Jun 5 2020
Mar 7 2019
I find that sometimes this warbler is easier to see on it's wintering grounds in Ecuador and Colombia than it is here during migration.
Mirador Rio Blanco,
San Miguel De Los Bancos
Apr 24 2019
May 21 2018
male, adult
Limoges - I finally had a cooperative bird.
May 22 2018
May 18 2018
These last 2 photos of the trip have to be dedicated to Sue and Ahmad (Sashah), who's incredible experience in the field really made these possible. Thanks to them for showing me around one of Canada's great nature areas. Long Point, Ontario.
May 19 2018
Feb 28 2017
It seems that Canada Warblers were easier to see in the Andes than during spring migration at Long Point,Ontario.
This one was taken at high altitude,Guango Lodge,Napo Province but we also saw them much lower down in southern Ecuador
Dec 11 2017
Mar 5 2017
Copalinga Lodge,Zamora
Jul 28 2017
Jun 8 2017
male, adult
Jun 9 2017
Mar 5 2017
Copalinga Lodge,Zamora Chinchipe Province,Ecuador
Apr 19 2017