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Jan 18 2021
Our backyard.
Feb 8 2021
Jan 23 2021
Our Backyard.
Feb 2 2021
Jan 23 2021
Our Backyard.
Jan 30 2021
Jan 22 2021
Ingleside - This is the subspecies Greater Common Redpoll. The bird is a little larger, with heavier streaking on the underparts, browner above, more black in front of the eye and heavier bill. The bird breeds on Baffin Island and Greenland and appears in small numbers during major redpoll eruptions like the one we are enjoying this winter.
Jan 23 2021
Jan 10 2021
male, adult
Cornwall - There has been a very strong southward movement of redpolls this winter. Thousands of birds have been in weedy fields and scrubby roadsides since early December but are now appearing at feeders, occasionally in large numbers.
Jan 17 2021
Mar 18 2019
male, adult
Ottawa - With no redpolls showing up this winter, I had to fall back on last winter's success.
Feb 3 2020
Mar 24 2019
At Yellowknife, NWT.
Mar 26 2019
Feb 11 2019
Ottawa - The interesting thing about this bird is the noticeable eyering. Usually when present it is indistinct but this one stands out. Very good number of redpolls coming to feeders now.
Feb 12 2019
Jan 31 2019
male, adult
Cornwall - Redpolls have been along roadsides feeding in weeds since December but it was only recently that they headed to feeders when heavy snow arrived. Update:. Christmas bird counts in Eastern Ontario did well with redpolls. Several had record numbers with the highest being over 750. Some feeders in the region are now seeing 30-75 birds coming in regularly.
Feb 1 2019
Jan 17 2019
Jan 18 2019