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Feb 28 2019
El Valle de Anton.
Aug 21 2019
outside normal range
Rondeau Provincial Park - Canada's first Kiskadee has been putting on a show for hundreds of eager visitors. The bird is classified as a flycatcher but after what I saw I'd say we should call it a frogcatcher because it spent more time hunting for frogs than anything else. It did eat berries as well but it spent little time looking for insects. What a great find.
Sep 14 2018
Mar 13 2018
Santa Fe, Veraguas Province.
Apr 22 2018
Mar 9 2008
March 9,2008
Costanara Sur reserve,
Buenas Aires
Jan 10 2010
Feb 20 2009
Taken in central Buenos Aires in a construction area.
Dec 25 2009
25 dec 07
Canon XTi w/EF100-400
Farallon, Cocle, Panama

The Kiskakadee was looking for leftovers & table droppings at the hotel food courts
Nov 2 2008
Mar 9 2008
Great Kiskadee,
March 9,2008
Reserva Costernera Sur,
Buenos Aires,
Oct 3 2008
Mar 9 2008
Great Kiskadee,
March 9,2008
Reserva Costernara Sur,
Buenos Aires,
Apr 5 2008