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Feb 6 2021
A good variety of species on a cold and windy day at English Bay. 2021 is starting off very well!
Feb 7 2021
Mar 3 2019
Jan 10 2020
Jan 8 2017
male, adult, multiple species
Toronto - Greater Scaup above, Lesser Scaup below. Note the rounded head of the Greater and the peak on the back of the head of the Lesser. In this photo the sheen appears to be greenish on both birds but often the head of the Lesser appears purple.
Jan 13 2017
May 3 2015
Seen at sunrise at Point Pelee, Canada.
May 5 2015
Mar 6 2014
male, adult
Kingston - Now that's a beakful. Zebra mussels are always a favourite.
Mar 10 2014
Feb 25 2014
male, adult
Howe Island, Kingston
Feb 26 2014
Jan 2 2014
male, multiple species
Hamilton - this shot depicts the wintery conditions very well. There was a considerable swell with birds riding the waves and mist partially obscuring the view. There is a Goldeneye and a White-winged Scoter amongst the Scaup. This completes the waterfowl sequence.
Jan 8 2014
Jan 2 2014
female, adult
Jan 8 2014
Jan 2 2014
male, adult
Hamilton - How cold was it? It was so cold the ducks were icing up!
Jan 3 2014
Sep 25 2011
Parc du Canal Beauharnois, QC
Sep 28 2011