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Nov 2 2023
Ottawa - Only a few of these large shorebirds show up in the area in the fall. It is amazing to watch it feeding, often sticking its head far into the water and into soft mud, probing for invertebrates and small worms.
Nov 3
Oct 16 2020
Ingleside - This tall species can show up in the area in singles or pairs every few years. Always nice to see.
Oct 21 2020
Oct 24 2018
Oct 25 2018
Oct 14 2018
Ingleside - the bird was seen on the St. Lawrence. It is regionally a rare migrant and locally a very rare migrant. It spent much of its time searching for leeches. Unfortunately it was a one-day wonder.
Oct 15 2018
Oct 19 2017
Ottawa - this bird has been present for over a week and I had the chance to track it down today. We spotted it immediately as we pulled up to a small retention pond. You don't find too many rarities before you even get out of the car.
Oct 20 2017
Oct 21 2015
adult, molting
Ottawa - this bird eluded me the other day but I had luck today. Spent an hour 100 feet out in the river (these boots didn't leak) with tripod set up. Very cooperative.
Oct 22 2015
adult, summer plummage
Alfred - striking colour pattern. A very rare sight in the region in spring.
Jun 1 2015
May 31 2015
adult, summer plummage
Alfred - this bird made an unscheduled stop at a sewage pond for a few days. Rare in spring.
Jun 1 2015
Oct 10 2011
Pointe de Yamachiche, Québec
I only had time to snap a few frames before this rare visitor flew off for parts unknown.
Oct 15 2011
Parc de la Frayère, Boucherville - 17 October 2007
(my 2nd location in a week to observe a Godwit)
Oct 17 2007