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Jun 30 2019
For such a tough bird to get in the open, there are quite a few uploads of this species which is great. They have such a great song. Iona, Richmond, BC.
Jul 22 2019
Ingleside - I try not to duplicate my subjects too often (Snowy Owls excepted) :) but this Marsh Wren was very cooperative this morning. I love the way they can readily grab on to two cattails for support. That's a Jean-Claude Van Damme move.
Jul 11 2018
Cornwall - Very tough one this morning. I went specifically to try to get some shots of wrens and in a couple of hours I had success but they spent very little time up now that the breeding season is well in hand.
Jun 26 2018
May 24 2018
May 25 2018
Apr 8 2018
Signing in the rain at Vancouver Airport. The song is quite different than the eastern birds.
Apr 9 2018
Jun 24 2016
Caught this Wren image in June of last year at the Bois-de-l'Île-Bizard nature parc.
May 9 2017
Jun 10 2015
Taken in Ile Bizard Nature Park.
Jun 13 2015
Jul 4 2011
Ile Bizard,
Jan 5 2012