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Mar 26 2019
male, immature
Morrisburg - A rare sighting. It was feeding on a recently caught bird.
Mar 28 2019
Feb 12 2018
Maplewood Conservation Area, North Vancouver BC
This bird has been present here since late November. It was quite high up in a tree.
Mar 19 2018
Apr 7 2017
Beaver Lake Road, Lake Country BC
May 10 2017
Apr 5 2014
Okanagan Falls BC
Two Goshawks were hunting overhead. Best photo I could manage, heavily cropped.
Apr 16 2014
May 15 2013
Seen over dense coniferous forest in the late afternoon.
May 28 2013
Apr 23 2013
At elevation above Okanage Falls. My old lens would have never been able to focus on this fast flying accipiter.
May 16 2013
First Northern Goshawk for Birdviewing! Taken while being mobbed by Blue Jays and Chickadees, on the Harwood Golf Course, Hudson, Quebec.
Dec 17 2010