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Mar 3 2024
I don't normally post more than one shot of a recent subject but this one is worth an encore. I checked out the bird again and managed to get better shots than on the first sighting.
Mar 4
Winchester - Discovered a few days ago and since we are late in the season, the bird could head north any day now.
Mar 2
Mar 3 2022
Ottawa - The winter is winding down so we can expect that this bird will be heading back to the boreal forest in two to three weeks. Because of its location along a popular walking/skiiing path it was viewed by countless people over the past few months. I wanted to make a final visit before it moves on.
Mar 4 2022
Feb 4 2022
Ottawa - I returned to watch this bird for a few hours. It was hunting off and on but didn't come up with a vole so when it got hungry, it went to one of its caches and had a frozen dinner. :)
Feb 5 2022
Jan 23 2022
Ottawa - a cold north wind and biting temperature was of no concern to this Hawk Owl. There are several in the region again this winter.
Jan 24 2022
Mar 10 2021
Ottawa - This bird has been present likely since December and will soon return to the boreal forest. I have seen it off and on throughout the winter but made a special trip to say goodbye. I spent some time observing it hunting, capturing a few shots.
Mar 12 2021
Jan 6 2021
It is always a treat to see these birds down south, away from their boreal environment.
Jan 7 2021
Feb 23 2020
Trois Rivieres - This bird has been around most of the season and was my 5th one this winter. These owls will be heading north in the next few weeks but it has been an enjoyable winter with them.
Mar 2 2020
Feb 20 2020
Ottawa - This Pileated is not pleased that the owl is still around. It let it know several times. Maybe it had plans to take down the treetop :)
Feb 21 2020
Feb 5 2020
Ottawa - Several of these owls showed up in the region this winter, a mini irruption.
Feb 6 2020