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Dec 23 2020
Most of these owls migrate but a few stick around through the winter. They are usually difficult to find, spending the day tucked close to the trunk of a dense evergreen where branches make a clean shot all but impossible. After finding the bird I quickly took a few photos then left it alone.
Dec 24 2020
Dec 15 2019
Pointe-Yamachiche - No cedars for cover here. The bird was out in the open.
Dec 20 2019
Feb 17 2019
Kingston - in case you are wondering, no flash was used.
Feb 18 2019
Mar 25 2018
Another view of our cute friend staying well hidden at the Reifel Sanctuary, BC, Canada
Mar 27 2018
Mar 25 2018
Was walking by a thick tangle and out of the corner of my eye saw the bay colouring that told me something stood out in the tree. Happily he had prey in his feet. Reifel Bird Sanctuary, BC, Canada
Mar 27 2018
Jan 25 2015
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
Pointed out to me by the Sanctuary manager, these owls are resident here every winter.
Feb 10 2015
Feb 9 2014
During the day, saw-whet owls hide in the trees and don't move. Getting out in the open during the day would mean lots of trouble for these birds! This one spent the winter at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto.
Jul 1 2014
Dec 27 2012
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
Although they are at Reifel most winters, they are hard to see. This sighting was a lifer for me.
Dec 29 2012
Sep 19 2009
This pair is a real favorite with children. It is from a bird center in St Jude, outside of St Hyacinthe.
Fr.: Petite nyctale
Dec 18 2009