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Sep 8 2022
#Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 14 2022
May 29 2021
Jul 6 2022
Sep 1 2021
Jul 6 2022
Jul 26 2018
male, adult
Algonquin Park - How do I know it was a male? Because it was singing us a nice song. "Quick three beers". It was very high up in a dead tree so quite a crop unfortunately. If you've noticed I'm on a flycatcher roll. No chance of an Acadian but maybe I'll still get lucky somehere with a Yellow-bellied.
Jul 28 2018
Sep 10 2017
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 12 2017
May 26 2016
Brasher - this was a surprise bird for us today. It remained atop a dead tree flycatching for over 20 minutes, lifting off briefly then returning usually to the same branch. It called periodically. I love the call 'quick three beers' :) Look it up if you have never heard it. At one point a Phoebe came along and flew at it but it warded it off. Later likely an Alder flew at it and it similarly rebuffed the attack.
May 27 2016
Mar 26 2010
Rio Salanche
Apr 7 2010