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adult, winter plummage
Jan 9 2023
Jan 5 2023
winter plummage
Jan 7 2023
male, adult
Brockville - Ospreys are pretty run of the mill for us but I won't turn down a good shot when it presents itself. This one had just snagged a small pike.
Jun 22 2020
Jan 7 2020
winter plummage
Supervising the nest - Robinson Preserve Manatee County - Bradenton, Fl.
Jan 8 2020
winter plummage
ID please, not sure. Bradenton, FL.
Dec 31 2019
Jun 28 2018
male, adult, nest
Iroquois - dinner time
Aug 20 2018
May 6 2018
Seen moments after catching what looks like a catfish. Iona Park, Richmond BC.
May 7 2018
May 1 2018
Ingleside - We have numerous pairs nesting in the region, mainly on platform nests, so it is nice to find one on a natural perch.
May 2 2018
Apr 9 2018
Kingston - Wolfe Island. A nice-sized pike for lunch. It's great to have new subjects to shoot. Spring has been very slow with more winter weather to come this weekend.
Apr 11 2018
Jun 23 2016
Certainly one of the most photographed species on BV, but always a welcome addition :)
Seen at Sidney, BC, Canada.
Jun 24 2016