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Sep 1 2019
Ottawa - This 'juvie' is putting its best foot forward as it probes for dinner. We are in that interim period in the annual cycle, the shorebird season, which bridges summer and fall. This is one of the most interesting and challenging periods of birding and is for me more fun and satisfying than dealing with those 'confusing fall warblers'. This is especially true for photographers because more often than not if you strategize you don't need to chase them, they will come to you.
Sep 2 2019
Oct 14 2018
Ingleside - this was a problem bird. It kept coming too close. :)
Oct 15 2018
Sep 23 2018
Seen at Boundary Bay, BC.
Sep 24 2018
Sep 15 2018
I've not seen a lot of this species - so it was an unexpected surprise to see one at the Iona Sewage ponds in Richmond, BC.
Sep 17 2018
Sep 24 2017
winter plummage, multiple species
Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
With a Western Sandpiper.

I was at this location hoping to see my lifer Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, which I did. However, the photo is not worthy of posting as it is very blurry at long distance.
Nov 12 2017
Sep 28 2017
Long Sault
Sep 29 2017
May 23 2016
adult, summer plummage
Iona Sewage Ponds, Iona Regional Park
Richmond BC

Victoria Day treat.
Jul 5 2016
Sep 24 2015
Oct 6 2015
Sep 25 2014
Presqu'ile Provincial Park, ON
Oct 6 2014
Sep 25 2014
Presqu'ile Provincial Park, ON
Oct 6 2014