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Nov 16 2023
Erieau - I had tried a number of times this fall to find the species in various areas but failed until this day. Living up to its reputation, the bird was wonderfully cooperative. I did not approach it, the bird was simply very close when I found it, almost stumbling over it in a dark corner of a breakwater. Thankfully it later went into the light.
Nov 20 2023
Dec 2 2022
immature, winter plummage
Oshawa - An end of the year treat. These coastal birds show up very late in the season in very small numbers, normally along Lake Ontario. I was lucky to find two. They are very hardy and one or two may overwinter in rocky areas that don't freeze. They are notoriously tame. I just waited for them to come to me.
Dec 3 2022
Sep 23 2022
juvenile, molting
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - Gull Island This bird was a shocker. While checking a few birds on shore I saw bright orange legs from a distance and thought maybe a turnstone but not this time. We look for them in November but in recent years it has been December and still at best an annual rarity. Incredibly early. The bird is molting into its first winter plumage.
Sep 25 2022
Nov 12 2020
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - Lake Ontario usually has a few of these coastal birds show up before heading to the Atlantic for the winter. They are often quite approachable. This is the last of the migrant shorebirds for another season.
Nov 13 2020
adult, winter plummage
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - I watched three feeding actively in a snowstorm. They didn't mind the weather a bit.
Dec 18 2019
Dec 10 2015
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - I went in search of this bird which showed up there last week. I was well rewarded for the lengthy drive. It was shadowed by a Dunlin and Sanderling for a couple of hours and all moved in a range of only about 30 feet. It was great. Presqu'ile is one of the best locations in Ontario to see this species in November and December. They may get as few as one bird or as many as dozens in a rare year.
Dec 11 2015
Mar 14 2013
adult, winter plummage
A group of Purples at Barnegat Light.
Aug 30 2013
Mar 14 2013
winter plummage
Another Barnegat specialty.
Aug 17 2013