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Jun 8 2021
summer plummage
Jun 9 2021
Oct 29 2019
adult, multiple species
St. Rose - Ross's with a Greater Snow Goose.
Oct 30 2019
May 16 2015
outside normal range, multiple species
Brunswick Point, Delta BC
A late batch of Snow Geese included one Ross's Goose, a lifer for me. This photo also has a juvenile dark morph Snow Goose for good measure.
May 19 2015
One of the challenges of fall birding: find a Ross' Goose in amongst Snow Geese while being buffeted by 50km/h winds. Finally succeeded today, and in review of the photo there were actually 3. Taken at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. This was a lifer.
Nov 15 2014
Sep 25 2014
adult, multiple species
St. Albert -Left to right: Lesser Snow Goose x Ross's Goose, Greater Snow Goose, Ross's Goose.

Tough one this. Could only ID from photos. In the field unclear. Thought we had two Ross's Geese at first then thought only one but one was a hybrid. Left bird has a stubbier bill than a Lesser but larger than Ross's, is a larger bird than Ross's but smaller than Lesser by a bit. Bill also has no grin patch, like a Ross's bill.
Sep 26 2014
Apr 7 2014
Green Valley - the much smaller Ross's Goose (far right) compared with Greater Snow Geese
Apr 8 2014
Nov 28 2013
Chesterville - I didn't notice this bird with the Snow Goose until I was reviewing the shots (cropped from a larger flock). That's often what happens when there are plenty of Greater Snow Geese around.
Nov 29 2013