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Nov 21 2020
St. Rose - This photo is uncropped. I was driving along a rural road keeping an eye on a flock of redpolls to my right when I was startled by something taking off a few feet away on my left. This Rough-leg was right there. I jumped out and popped a few shots, most of which didn't work because I only had part of the bird in the frame. It was too close. :)
Nov 23 2020
Nov 20 2018
Chesterville - a nice dark morph individual
Dec 3 2018
Mar 12 2018
Kingston - Wolfe Island
Mar 14 2018
Jan 25 2018
Kingston - Wolfe Island. This Rough-leg was feeding on a deer that coyotes had recently brought down
Jan 26 2018
Dec 26 2017
Boundary Bay, Delta BC
The tag on this bird indicates that it has been captured near the Vancouver International Airport. If it is recaptured, they take steps to relocate the bird.
Jan 14 2018
Dec 31 2015
Ladner/Delta BC
Dark morph
Jan 24 2016
St. Rose
Dec 6 2015