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Apr 29 2022
adult, outside normal range
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - What a treat to see this bird. I had the one In Montreal last fall but the setting was nowhere near as good as this. I could always orient myself for the right light unlike with the other bird. The flycatcher was likely blown up by warm stormy weather that originated on the Texas coast a few days ago.

It was very cold first thing in the morning and windy after that, keeping insects low or on the ground. It always fed on the ground and seldom went to a perch so most of my shots were of it on the ground.
Apr 30
female, adult, outside normal range
Montreal- After seeing Ahmad's nice photo, I had to give it a try, expecting that the bird could leave any day. I didn't need to look for the bird, just the birders/photographers. The setting is right beside the Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport and the bird spent about 25% of its time working the fence line, occasionally heading further onto airport property. The rest of the time it was high in trees across the road, feeding on berries. Possible female based on tail length.
Nov 10 2021
Jan 25 2017
Seen near Savegre, Costa Rica.
Feb 16 2017
Oct 1 2016
male, adult
Seen near McAllen, Texas.
Oct 18 2016
Apr 5 2010
Whittset, Tx
Gathering on wires behind a gas station.
May 10 2010
Apr 4 2010
Whitsett, Tx
May 10 2010