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Feb 8 2023
male, adult
Kingston - Wolfe Island - I had 7 owls of a probable 8-10 birds there this winter. Most did not present very well and adult males are notoriously skittish making shots like this a challenge. Their caution is for good reason because females always chase them away and wouldn't hesitate to have one for dinner. This is a very poor year for Snowy Owls, with most remaining in the Arctic. The area had the North American high for Christmas bird counts this year (8 birds). To show the potential, I think the all-time record was 80+ birds some years ago. I had 53 in 2014. When there is a bumper crop of voles in the area coinciding with plenty of owls heading south we can get results like that. This is the third consecutive year with low numbers in all of Southern Canada.
Feb 9 2023
female, adult
Wolfe Island (Kingston) My first shot of the winter. The number of Snowy Owls in the region is very low this winter.
Jan 10 2023
Mar 4 2022
male, adult
St. Rose - This male has been in the area for the winter but it was the first time I had a chance to see it up close.
Mar 8 2022
Feb 10 2022
female, adult
Cornwall - I found two birds only a few minutes from home in an industrial sector. A large open undeveloped weedy area undoubtedly has plenty of meadow voles to keep them going. This bird was perched on a pole and headed down to attempt a capture. It wasn't successful but rather than returning immediately it stayed for five minutes. Because it wasn't that far out from the car I got some nice shots.
Feb 11 2022
Jan 4 2022
female, adult
Kingston (Wolfe Island)- We were very surprised that the bird didn't take off as we drove by, especially being an adult female. The pink sky was an interesting background.
Jan 26 2022
Feb 15 2021
female, immature, multiple species
Ottawa- This was a bizarre scene. The Raven stood right beside the owl but did not attack it. It called a few times, walked circles around it and would stand right in front of it, inches away from the Snowy's face. The Raven eventually flew off. The owl didn't give up any ground. The Raven is spotted in snow making it look like it is snowing.
Feb 16 2021
Dec 8 2020
Amherst Island - a classic view of this striking species. We were under cover of a structure to avoid disturbing the bird, which was about 25 metres out.
Dec 9 2020
Nov 24 2020
Kingston - The season is progressing and a few Snowy Owls are finally showing up in familiar territory.
Nov 30 2020
Jan 31 2019
female, immature
St. Rose - We have half a dozen birds about 40 minutes from me which is a smaller number than the last few years but appreciated nevertheless. This was a 'pole bird' that didn't mind our presence. As a rule I don't take many pole shots but the light was great and it was very cooperative. I shot from the window and moved on after a minute.
Update: Some owl stats. Christmas count data indicated that the flight this year was larger than I expected. Nearly 190 birds were counted in Ontario with about 40% in the east. Some stayed and others moved into the U.S. until spring.
Feb 1 2019