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Feb 15 2021
female, immature, multiple species
Ottawa- This was a bizarre scene. The Raven stood right beside the owl but did not attack it. It called a few times, walked circles around it and would stand right in front of it, inches away from the Snowy's face. The Raven eventually flew off. The owl didn't give up any ground. The Raven is spotted in snow making it look like it is snowing.
Feb 16
Dec 8 2020
Amherst Island - a classic view of this striking species. We were under cover of a structure to avoid disturbing the bird, which was about 25 metres out.
Dec 9 2020
Nov 24 2020
Kingston - The season is progressing and a few Snowy Owls are finally showing up in familiar territory.
Nov 30 2020
Jan 31 2019
female, immature
St. Rose - We have half a dozen birds about 40 minutes from me which is a smaller number than the last few years but appreciated nevertheless. This was a 'pole bird' that didn't mind our presence. As a rule I don't take many pole shots but the light was great and it was very cooperative. I shot from the window and moved on after a minute.
Update: Some owl stats. Christmas count data indicated that the flight this year was larger than I expected. Nearly 190 birds were counted in Ontario with about 40% in the east. Some stayed and others moved into the U.S. until spring.
Feb 1 2019
Dec 26 2018
male, juvenile
Kingston - Wolfe Island. We couldn't pass up this beauty. The number of male Snowies compared to females in the winter is low so any time a male is present it is cause for rejoicing. This bird was incredibly tolerant. We shot from the car across the road and the bird didn't pay us much attention. We could only shoot in vertical format. It was too close :) The dull gray sky offered a perfect contrast for our subject.
Dec 27 2018
Dec 10 2018
female, adult
Kingston - Wolfe Island. I'm trying to keep my Snowy shots focused on something different. In this case it is interesting to see it resting on a cobble beach an hour after sunrise.
Dec 11 2018
male, juvenile
Ottawa - likely a young male
Dec 7 2018
Dec 6 2018
female, juvenile
Dec 7 2018
Nov 22 2018
female, adult
Kingston - Wolfe Island. It's that time again. A small number of Snowies have been on the island in the last week (probably about a dozen) with hopefully more to come.
Nov 23 2018
male, immature
Ottawa - Who knew I was going to be bringing you another Snowy so soon. This one has been summering in Ottawa on a residential construction site. Boy does it need a bath. Or perhaps that's camouflage "No one will recognize me now."
Jul 16 2018