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Sep 16 2021
summer plummage
Sep 26 2021
Mar 13 2021
Something a bit different...an upload from my iPhone. Last year we had a Black-capped Chickadee family. I’ve never seen their nest so decided to check out the old nest. A stunning masterpiece for such a small creature with no hands. Some moss, dry grass, and in the centre right, finer material. Not sure if they will want to reuse this birdhouse.
Mar 14 2021
Jun 2 2020
It's absolutely amazing how fast these birds hatched, fledged and now look like adult birds. The mother or father is on the right.
Jun 4 2020
Jun 2 2020
Black-capped Chickadees have emerged from the nest house and now 2 young birds are hanging around. They don't do much except wait for food from the parents...quite a cute sight.
Jun 4 2020
Mar 9 2019
Closeup of one of my favourite birds. Richmond, BC, Canada
Mar 11 2019
Jan 30 2019
Ottawa - I don't take many pictures of Chickadees but when I spotted this guy I got a few shots off very quickly before it moved on. Leucism has altered not only the head colouring but the side feathers are paler and note the foot colour. It should be black.
Feb 1 2019
Nov 21 2015
It's been awhile since I've upload a good old friend - one of my favourites. Seen at Sainte Catherine, Quebec.
Nov 25 2015