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Jan 7 2020
winter plummage
Robinson Preserve - Manatee County, Bradenton Fl.
Jan 8 2020
Jan 25 2017
Seen near Savegre Costa Rica.
Feb 3 2017
Jun 3 2015
Carp (west of Ottawa)- Nice when you don't have to head to Florida for this one. The bird has been present for about 10 days but locating it has been hit or miss for many. As one might expect, early and late in the day were best. Very rare bird regionally.
Jun 4 2015
Sep 5 2006
This species has been introduced to Bermuda to fight against an invasive crab species (and protect an endemic Bermudan crab). Apparently they liked the abundance of crabs and became established on the islands!
Jul 14 2014
Mar 27 2014
Jun 9 2014
Mar 27 2014
Jun 6 2014
Mar 27 2014
Apr 9 2014
Mar 9 2012
Birds in the Louisiana swamps are difficult to approach - for these I had to creep up from behind the trees, all while camouflaged.
Mar 17 2012