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May 14 2018
male, adult, outside normal range
Near Chaffeys Lock in the Rideau Lakes - What are the odds? I was shooting a Yellow-throated Vireo and along comes a Yellow-throated Warbler. This is a provincial rarity. They aren't seen every year in Ontario but usually every other year one turns up.
UPDATE: despite the normal status noted above, several birds have turned up in Southern Ontario in the last three days. If birders have found 4-5 imagine how many must be present.
May 15 2018
Dec 14 2014
outside normal range
The Yellow-throated Warbler at the Port of Montreal, Quebec was seen here taking a break in the hedgerow along the river.

Paruline à gorge jaune au Port de Montréal aujourd'hui. Il prenait un p'tit pause juste à côté du fleuve derrière le Studio Mel's. J'espère qu'il pourrait rester l'hiver ou au moins trouver sa direction vers le sud.
Dec 15 2014
Dec 14 2014
adult, outside normal range
To my great surprise, I've now photographed a second Yellow-throated Warbler in the Montreal area this fall. This bird was trying to find food along the St-Lawrence River despite chilly temperatures and lots of snow. Seen at the Port of Montreal this afternoon trying to stay warm.
Dec 15 2014
Nov 9 2014
adult, outside normal range
Not since August 1991 have I seen this species. Located in Lachute, Quebec outside it's normal range. After a snow squall the bird took a bath in the water on the cedar leaves.
Nov 10 2014
N. Eleuthera, Bahamas, Jan 2009
Feb 2 2009