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6 Jan 08
Canon XTi w/EF100-400
Gamboa, Panama

The grounds of the Hotel Gamboa was one of the hottest birding spots around. Rivaling the famous "Pipeline Road". Taken some 30 steps out of the lobby at the edge of the parking lot.
Jun 22 2008
Jan 3 2008
3 Jan 08
Canon XTi w/EF 100-400
Farallon, Cocle, Panama

Walking from the hotel De Camaron, I saw at the edge of my vision a Grackle chasing another bird. It ended abruptly in a small flowering shrub. I saw nothing until I approached tripod on the ready. At 15m I could make out the parrot.
Because of the circumstances it is one of my favourite shots.
Jun 21 2008