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May 16 2024
Norfolk County, Southern Ontario.
May 27
American Kestrel (46)
Mar 25 2024
male, adult
Wolfe Island Kingston - Very cooperative subject for a change.
Mar 26
St. Rose - I took advantage of morning sun looking for winter field birds. There were few but I did come across four Horned Larks. This Northern subspecies is with us throughout the winter and will leave in early March.
Jan 12
Jan 4 2024
After many tries, we had given up trying to see this species when suddenly it appeared for a few seconds and vanished. Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, Texas. I have several "record" shots simply for the record, but just realized this is the first upload of this species.
Jan 7
Nov 26 2023
A member of the crow family of birds, they are endemic to the forests of Southern India.
Dec 16 2023
May 16 2023
Long Point.
Dec 5 2023
Mar 12 2023
Bocas del Toro Province.
Dec 4 2023