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Mar 10 2021
male, adult
Crysler - I spent hours today trying to find the right individuals. It was tough (these are very difficult birds to work with) but I finally located an adult male that typifies what a Horned Lark looks like.
Mar 11 2021
Mar 7 2021
Winchester - Our first spring migrants. This is the Prairie subspecies – white above the eye rather than yellow for the northern subspecies.
Mar 8 2021
Mar 5 2020
male, adult
Chesterville - These are our first songbird migrants, a welcome sight after winter. Small flocks, pairs and singles are present in open fields and along roadsides.
Mar 6 2020
Mar 3 2019
Ingleside - As a followup to my January post of the northern subspecies of Horned Lark that overwinters here, this is the Prairie subspecies that has been migrating through for the last couple of weeks. Many of us consider this our first spring bird because it usually is. Note the white rather than yellow above the eye.
Mar 6 2019
Jan 17 2019
Williamsburg - This is the northern subspecies, a few of which overwinter in the region. Spring migrants will arrive in a little over a month.
Jan 18 2019
Jun 9 2018
At first upon stumbling on this lone bird near Tilley, Alberta I was sure I had a Sprague's Pipit. However at closer look, this was actually a young Horned Lark.
Jun 15 2018
Jun 9 2018
Near Brooks, Alberta.
Jun 14 2018
Apr 9 2018
Kingston - Wolfe Island
Apr 11 2018
Oct 15 2017
female, winter plummage
Iona Regional Park, South Jetty, Richmond BC
Jan 17 2018
Jan 2 2016
With difficult conditions, this was the only other species I could photograph at Mirabel, Quebec. Now into the deep freeze...
Jan 4 2016