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Nov 24 2015
First snow of the winter season set in today, and with it came my first Snowy Owl photo of the season. A note related to this photo - whether a good or bad idea, the Montreal Airport authority has a fauna control officer who I saw while taking this photo setting a large trap. The plan is to capture the owl and I believe to relocate it farther away from the airport. My thought - the Snowy Owl is rather stationary and insignificant compared to other hazards that airplanes face such as large flocks of Canada Geese, etc.
Nov 25 2015
Mar 13 2021
Something a bit different...an upload from my iPhone. Last year we had a Black-capped Chickadee family. I’ve never seen their nest so decided to check out the old nest. A stunning masterpiece for such a small creature with no hands. Some moss, dry grass, and in the centre right, finer material. Not sure if they will want to reuse this birdhouse.
Mar 14 2021
Another species cracks the 100 upload club :)
North Saanich, BC. It's interesting how this bird's throat is rather dark.
May 21 2017
Our friend is back in the yard. Not sure if it's the same exact bird, or perhaps a young bird from last year - but was happy to see him return. Delta, BC
Apr 4 2023
After an unprecedented week of extreme weather, with temperatures below -10C and a snow storm of 35cm, the Anna's Hummingbirds were pushed to the limit. I found this one hiding in a hedge. We've kept the water from freezing as much as possible. As with so many bird photos, the story behind the photo makes for a lasting memory. Happy Holidays to all.
Dec 23 2022
Jan 4 2024
This male surprisingly didn't fly away as we walked by to the Bentsen-Rio Grande Park visitor's centre.
Jan 7
May 13 2019
Thanks to Lou for correcting me that this was a Red-tailed Hawk and not a Swainson's dark phase. City of Rocks Reserve, Idaho.
May 24 2019
Feb 16 2020
There are now 46 Cooper's Hawks uploaded - but you never get tired of seeing them. Photo or in person :)
Feb 17 2020
Aug 8 2020
About 2 min after this bird zipped by, a Willet and a Marbled Godwit, along with several dozens sandpipers came in the opposite direction - amazing what he can flush. Boundary Bay, BC.
Aug 10 2020
Jan 9 2022
Magnificent Eagle decided to perch in a place where the Vancouver north shore mountains could be seen in behind. Taken at Boundary Bay.
Jan 12 2022